Resources For Students & Parents

Resources For Students & Parents

We are strong advocates for mental health treatment and prevention. Our advocacy includes providing zero-cost seminars and materials on various mental health topics.

While there are many risk factors for developing mental health issues, there are also protective factors. At the top of the list of protective factors is the quality of the family environment. For this reason, much of our advocacy focuses on improving parent-child relationships and family health.

Bernard Ivin,  LCSW, Clinician and Founder at Strength for Change, authored the materials below.

Download or Access Online at Zero Cost

The Essential Guide To Mental Health Services

A Parent’s Guide To Understanding A Child’s Mental Health Difficulties & Obtaining Needed Services

Relationship Centered Parenting

A Parenting Model for Effectively Managing a Child’s Difficult Behavior &  Creating a Cooperative Family Environment

The 1-2-3 Succeed

A Student Program For Learning The Organization, Homework, & Study Skills Necessary For School Success

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