• Evidence Based Therapy For Anxiety, Depression, & Other Mental Health Conditions

    We are a team of compassionate, expertly trained, and highly skilled therapists.

    Evidence Based Therapy For Anxiety, Depression, & Other Mental Health Conditions

    We specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence based practices.

    Evidence Based Therapy For Anxiety, Depression, & Other Mental Health Conditions

    Established in 2001,  we are a highly trusted and valued resource in the communities we serve.

    Welcome to Strength for Change

    At Strength for Change, we are a team of compassionate, expertly trained, and highly skilled therapists. We specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based practices in treating anxiety, depression, substance abuse, ADHD, and other mental health conditions, and we are devoted to the care and well-being of our clients. 

    Strength for Change was established in 2001 by Bernard Ivin, LCSW, to train other therapists in CBT and make the therapy more readily available in the communities he served. His passion for CBT comes from his application of the therapy in overcoming personal difficulties and witnessing its transformative power in the lives of his clients. 

    Primium Mental Health Therapy

    At Strength for Change, all our therapists are out-of-network providers. As such, we understand the investment clients are making in their treatment and are committed to going above and beyond in providing them with exceptional care. When you choose one of us as your treatment provider, in addition to working with a highly competent therapist, you will receive the following benefits.  

    • Direct Communication: You will be able to communicate directly with your therapist via his or her cell phone, including off hours for urgent matters.  Your calls and other communications will be returned in a timely manner. 
    • The Highest Standard of Confidentiality: Your information will be held to the highest standard of confidentiality.  Since we are an out-of-network provider, not even your insurance company will have access to your treatment information without your written consent. 
    • Flexible Appointment Options: You will have the option of day, evening, or weekend in-person or virtual appointments. In-person appointments will take place in professional offices conveniently located off two major highways, handicapped-accessible, well-furnished, and clean. Virtual sessions will occur on a secure platform meeting all HIPAA privacy standards. 
    • Minimal Wait Time: Someone will call you back within 24 hours of your initial call, and you will be scheduled for your first appointment within one week’s time.  Your appointments will start within 10 minutes of your scheduled time. If your therapist is running late, you will be notified via text so that you are not inconvenienced. 
    • Individualized Care: You will participate in a comprehensive mental health assessment and be informed of your diagnosis (if applicable) and related individualized treatment plan. Your treatment plan will consist of evidence-based therapies that are consistent with the American Psychiatric Association’s Best Practices Guidelines. 
    • Additional Clinical Support: If you feel your therapy is not progressing satisfactorily, at zero cost, you can consult with our Clinical Director (Bernard Ivin, LCSW) for a second opinion and, if need be, a revised treatment plan. 

    Meet Our Team

    What Distinguishes Us From Other Providers

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    CBT has been researched perhaps more than any other psychological therapy. It is an evidence-based therapy proven highly effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and many other mental health conditions. Please visit the National Institute of Mental Health website (www.nimh.com) to learn more about CBT and the importance of evidence-based mental health treatments. 

    CBT was developed in the 1960’s by Dr. Aaron T. Beck out of the University of Pennsylvania. It is based on the idea that our thoughts determine our emotional and behavioral reactions, and that by learning to control our thoughts we are able to feel good and do good in the pursuit of our life’s goals. 

    CBT teaches clients how to become their own therapists who are capable of using a variety of coping strategies to effectively manage their emotional and behavioral reactions. Clients learn skills and strategies for restructuring negative thought patterns, generating self-motivation, changing unhealthy behaviors, and cultivating a “solution-focused” lifestyle. 

    Motivation-Focused Strategies

    For any therapy to be effective, the individual receiving it must be an active participant in the treatment process. Simply put, the best treatment plan means nothing without the client’s motivation for implementing it. 

    Unfortunately, most mental health conditions impair an individual’s motivation for school, work, social life, and self-care. When family and friends try to intervene, they are frustrated by the individual’s lack of responsiveness and view it as a willful act of resistance. Once the individual’s support system is frustrated in this way conflicts intensify, and the individual’s mental health gets worse. 

    At Strength for Change, we have a treatment model that accounts for the individual’s impaired motivation. Our guiding principle is that we are responsible for helping clients cultivate the motivation that is needed for treatment success. With this in mind, we have developed numerous motivational strategies that are implemented throughout the treatment process.

    Individualized & Evidence Based Care

    While we specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, we do not have a one size fits all approach to therapy. Instead, we match our therapeutic approach to the client’s symptoms, diagnosis, age, personality, and level of motivation. 

    This Individualized approach is based on the American Psychiatric Associations Best Practices Guidelines which advocates the use of evidence-based therapies. For example, anxiety disorders are treated with individual CBT, while ADHD is treated with a combination of academic coaching and family therapy. The condition is matched to the therapy that is proven most effective in its treatment. 

    In addition to raising the effectiveness of therapy, our individualized approach also helps the client feel more deeply understood and valued. These feelings enhance the trust and collaboration between the client and therapist, and create a more satisfying and enjoyable treatment experience.

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