• Kim Gross, LCSW, LCADC

    Personal Statement

    “Many of my clients come to therapy anxious or reluctant about being i

    Bernard Ivin, LCSW

    Best Therapist Around I would recommend Bernie to anyone. He has guided me through my darkest days and is one of the biggest supporters in my life. Before seeing him, I did not think I would ever live a life free from sadness and depression. He taught me how to deal with my problems and my thoughts. He also helped me get my goals in line and motivated me to get through school. I can honestly say I've never meet anyone as compassionate and dedicated as him. Without a doubt, the best therapist around!

    Alice V.

    Bernie helped my son immensely. We went to 3 other therapists before Bernie. He was the only one who did a thorough evaluation. He was also the only one able to connect with my son. Thoughtful, caring and extremely knowledgeable is how I would describe him.

    Patti | Randolph, NJ

    I first met Bernie Ivin in 2006 (my senior year of high school) on a friend’s recommendation. At that point in time, I was struggling with some pretty severe anxiety. The prospect of seeing a therapist initially made me uncomfortable, but within a few sessions with Bernie I understood that this was a man who genuinely cares about his clients and attends to their needs. Bernie’s openness, integrity, and knowledge in his field make him my top recommendation for anybody considering therapy.

    Andrew G. | New Jersey

    Bernard Ivin is an excellent counselor. Every session is comprehensive and thorough. I have learned life skills that have helped me in every day challenges. Mr. Ivin has had to work with me through some difficult and trying times, and has achieved positive results. I would recommend Bernard Ivin if you are looking for an excellent Counselor.

    Diane D.

    Bernie Ivin has been a life saver for the entire family. I have been going to Bernie since sophomore year in High School and he has helped me manage my anxiety, depression and moods. I still go to him now and I am now 24 years old. I used to be shy but people now look at me as extroverted because of the confidence I have gained. Bernie has become a part of our family in a way and without him we would not be as functional. He has been so helpful toward me and my family. Highly recommend.

    Ken F. | Los Angeles, CA

    I have been seen Bernie on and off for a number of years and he has helped me tremendously. He has taught me so much about myself and how to deal with stress, anxiety and depression. He has helped me to change my negative mindset and how to recognize the credible truth in situations that are upsetting to me. In addition to being a great teacher and coach, he has always shown me compassion and understanding. I highly recommend Bernie to anyone who wants to feel better & improve their lives!

    Bob G. | Denville, NJ

    He is very attentive and listens to me. I see him twice a week. One day he listens to me vent and the second day he offers solutions and helps me build a plan.

    Anonymous | Dover, NJ

    Bernie is a great therapist. He is great at listening and providing insight so that you can use work done in sessions and apply it to real life scenarios. He is great at explaining things in an easy to understand and useable manner.

    Kevin B. | Montclair, NJ

    When I first starting counseling, I was unknowingly falling into some of the same habits that had hurt so many of my family members. Bernie helped me see the truth clearly and is one of the single greatest influences in me getting my life on the right track. Bernie has been incredibly flexible with my busy schedule and immediately available in times of crisis. I openly suggest going to see him to all my friends and family because there is simply no one better then Bernie.

    Dominic L. | Sparta, NJ

    Bernie is a true professional who has helped my family considerably. We have always found him to be compassionate, insightful and knowledgeable. We use many of his suggestions and techniques on a regular basis with much success; he gives us practical advice based on experience. We do not hesitate to recommend Bernie to our family and friends.

    Stacy W. | Randolph, NJ

    Bernie changed my life in ways that I did not think was possible. I saw a couple of different therapists before I met him but I can honestly say that no one compares. He helped me overcome my severe social anxiety and got me through some of the hardest times of my life. He made me feel understood and genuinely cared for. I wouldn't be where I am today without him and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering therapy.

    Robbie | Hackettstown, NJ

    Paul DePinto

    Our 13-year old son was having major behavioral issues both at home and school. A close friend recommended we take him to see Paul. Despite our son being resistant to treatment, Paul was able to engage him and create a safe, trustworthy relationship. Within months we saw significant improvements and he even became student of the month at his school. Paul created a path to healing for our family which included support and guidance that in return has allowed us to become much closer and have a better relationship with our son. Highly recommend him as a therapist.

    Tom | Roxbury, NJ

    The moment I walked into Paul's office, I felt comfortable, at ease, and as if I was talking to a life long friend. Paul's professionalism, demeanor, and overall presence was comforting, welcoming, and safe. I instantly felt like behind his four walls, I was able to pour out my heart about all of the pain and hurt I was holding onto for so long and to finally get some guidance to resolve past issues. His office was a safe space, he didn't judge me nor try to scold me for any mistakes that I had made. Rather, Paul provided perspective and education that helped me choose my own paths. Paul clearly has a presence and spark to him that draws people's positivity and sparked my intrinsic motivation to better myself. I will forever be thankful that my dear and close friend referred me to Paul for help. If and when I find myself struggling with coping and need guidance, I know who to call. Thanks again Paul for helping me realize how amazing of a person I am and bringing my inner beauty to the surface again.

    CL | Sayreville

    I started seeing Paul during one of the hardest times in my life. His down to earth, interactive comedic approach creates a nonjudgmental setting with respect and compassion. This setting helped me to discuss very serious issues I was having. Paul gave me the tools I needed to overcome my anxiety, depression and personal obstacles. He helped me reconnect to my strengths through the CBT model and gave me the courage to resolve family and work conflicts. He always made time to talk between sessions if I was struggling. I have been in counseling before and have never made this much progress and would highly recommend him as a therapist.

    Sharon | Succasunna, NJ