6 Signs You Might Be Suffering From Depression

Depression is something that can happen to anyone and at any time. Even youngsters aren’t exempt from depression as, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, half of mental illnesses begin at the age of 14. Fortunately, we live in a time when mental illnesses are taken much more seriously and get the attention they deserve, as local therapists throughout the country are providing much-needed professional treatments.

Although it can sometimes be difficult to determine what exactly triggers depression, knowing the signs can help you learn how to effectively cope and seek the help you need from local therapists in your area. The first step is to understand if something is amiss, so let’s take a look at six crucial signs that indicate the possibility of depression.

1. Loss of Interest

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that a person is suffering from depression is their loss of interest in something they used to be passionate about. Depression causes people to no longer feel joy or pleasure in doing things they loved before. This can be seen if someone stops having an interest in sports, hobbies, work, and social activities. People who are depressed may also experience a lower sex drive and, in some cases, suffer from impotency as well.

2. Feelings of Hopelessness

Another big indicator of possible depression is feelings of hopelessness. A person may feel that there is no point in doing the things they do because there’s no hope for a brighter or better future. Even someone with a well-paying job and good financial stability can feel hopeless about things in their life. People often think that those with seemingly perfect lives can’t suffer from depression and feel hopeless, but that’s simply not true.

3. Appetite and Weight Fluctuation

People who battle depression can experience fluctuating weight changes and appetites. This is something that can be different for everyone, as some folks will stop eating when they’re depressed, while others will eat more in an attempt to feel better. As such, weight loss and an increase or decrease in appetite can occur. If you notice that your appetite is different or that your eating habits are changing, it’s time to seek help from one of the local therapists in your area.

4. Fatigue and Sleep Problems

Although issues with sleeping can happen for many different reasons, a sudden change in sleeping habits can be an indicator of depression. Poor sleeping and fatigue can contribute to other depression-related symptoms, such as loss of interest because the affected person is too tired to feel excited or passionate about anything. This is a symptom that can also affect your health and should be taken seriously.

5. Uncontrollable Emotions

People who are battling depression may also find it rather difficult to control their emotions, leading to outbursts that are completely out of character. One minute, the person may be so angry that they’re screaming and shouting incoherently, and the next moment they may be crying and feeling completely heartbroken. These mood swings are caused by depression and aren’t something you want to feel, but they’re quite uncontrollable.

6. Thoughts of Death

If a person’s depression goes unchecked or untreated for too long, it’s possible that they will eventually start having thoughts about death. To a person with severe depression, death may feel like the only way out of feeling hopeless, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. If you’re having thoughts about ending your own life, confide in a loved one you trust to help you find the help you need. Keep in mind that you can always call an emergency number for professional assistance, too.

Depression is a serious mental health condition, but it’s important to know that local therapists can provide you with professional treatment so you can learn how to cope with your emotions as well as seek out medications. Learning more about your depression will take time, but the decision to seek help can be completely life-changing for your mental health. If you think you’re suffering from depression and would like professional help, contact our team at Strength for Change. Our local therapists are here to walk you through your options and provide you with experienced services so you can move forward in a healthy way.